How would you promote Table Tennis?

When and why?

How would you promote Table Tennis?

Postby pbsmick » March 29th, 2012, 10:55 am

Why do we never see Table Tennis in the paper? Why do we never see Table Tennis on the news? Why don't big companies sponsor Table Tennis? Have you ever thought these questions? I have, everyday!

At this very moment our top male and female players are competing at The World Team Championships in Germany and in a lighter word, kicking ass! The Men's team of William Henzell, Robert Frank, David Powell and Trent Carter are doing awesome. Robert Frank beat a top Cuban player ranked around 260 in the world, his best win ever! Jian Fang Lay is beating players half her age! Think about that.

How do we get Table Tennis in the public eye? Why isn't it? We all have played it. People say (even my sister) it's hard to watch. My sister Kylie said she doesn't really understand the complexity of the game like spin/service etc. Plus also she said it can be boring to watch as some rallies only last a few points.

So how would you promote Table Tennis? Do you ever talk to your work colleagues and mentioned that you play? Have you ever told a person they should try it? I have, that's why this website exists!

So how would you promote Table Tennis?
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