Offical supplier to Table Tennis Australia.

Official Supplier of Table Tennis Australia

Offical supplier to Table Tennis Australia.

Postby pbsmick » January 21st, 2012, 8:49 am

Australia's #1 table tennis equipment supplier. We are distributors for STIGA, JOOLA, YASAKA, XIOM, Nittaku and Adidas table tennis and sponsor most of Australia's top players. Nearly every club in Australia uses our STIGA or JOOLA table tennis tables. We have a wide range of table tennis tables available for home, workplace and schools.

Stiga Table Tennis - Sweden

Internationally, STIGA table tennis brand is one of the biggest table tennis brands in the world specializing in and famous for their table tennis tables, table tennis bats and Swedish-made table tennis blades. Aussie Table Tennis has been agents for STIGA in Australia since the early 1970's. STIGA table tennis bats are available in many sports shops throughout Australia.
Yasaka Table Tennis - Japan

Yasaka table tennis brand was our first brand. Yasaka make exceptionally high-quality table tennis rubbers and table tennis blades. Over the years they have sponsored many top Australian players.
Nittaku Table Tennis - Japan

Nittaku table tennis brand is famous for its competition table tennis balls and these are seen as the best in the world and the only table tennis balls made in Japan.
JOOLA Table Tennis - Germany

JOOLA table tennis sponsored the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympic Games. Their soft spinny German-made table tennis rubbers are popular with players of all standards and their unique composite table tennis blades are highly popular. JOOLA table tennis bats are very high quality.
XIOM Table Tennis - Korea

Our newest table tennis brand, XIOM table tennis blades, table tennis rubbers and table tennis clothing are exceptionally high standard and enjoy an international repuation for premium quality. Their top table tennis rubber VEGA Pro is very popular with elite players. The woods and carbons used in their table tennis blade construction are amongst the finest materials.

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Re: Offical supplier to Table Tennis Australia.

Postby jow » April 7th, 2012, 6:49 pm

Do these guys have a walk in shop?
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