Table Tennis Secrets Revealed

Table Tennis Secrets Revealed

Table Tennis Secrets Revealed

Postby pbsmick » January 19th, 2012, 10:48 pm

PingSkills was developed to help promote the game of Table Tennis and provide a means for players of all standards to improve. We are passionate about Table Tennis and want to provide a new way via the web to offer coaching. Our secret is the people behind this successful website.

Alois Rosario


Alois started table tennis at the very young age of 5. Alois began by hitting a ball up against the wall at home for hour upon hour. He played his first competition at 9 and played at the Junior level for his State each year and won the State Junior title in each age group from Under 10 to Under 18.

Alois won 2 State Men's singles titles and 2 National Doubles titles. He progressed to play in the National Senior team for the first time in 1986 at the Asian Championships in Shenzhen, China. He then went on to play in the National team till 1991, including playing at 2 World Championships.

He started to become interested in coaching in 1986. Alois, took up the position of Development Manager with the State Table Tennis Association. In this role he worked with players of all abilities including school children through to a fabulous 50's group helping them with their table tennis skills. He also co-wrote the "TOPS Table Tennis Manual" which is now used as part of the ITTF Level 1 Coaching course.

Alois has coached juniors at his local club Coburg and other venues throughout Victoria. A number of these students have progressed to be National Junior champions and Olympic representatives.

He progressed to coach and manage many National teams including the Commonwealth Games Men's team in Manchester 2002 and the Australian Olympic Team in Athens 2004.

Alois is always keen to assist players of all abilities to enjoy the sport he has loved for years.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff's start in table tennis was at the local association in Canberra, Australia. This was a modest competition that didn't have a great track record of producing National champions. He soon rose to the top of the rankings in Canberra through a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. In 1989 he won the Australian Under 15 singles title and was runner up in the Under 17 singles title in the same year.

He chose to leave his hometown, Canberra, and move to Melbourne (a distance of 650km or 400 miles) at an the age of 18 to pursue his dream to represent his country in Table Tennis. It was a bold move and initially it was a difficult period for Jeff and he struggled for many years to make it into the National Australian Senior Team.

Eventually through determination, practice and self belief, Jeff made it into the Australian Senior National Table Tennis Team. He represented Australia at several tournaments but with the introduction of a new National Coach in 1996 was unable to meet the new strict training requirements due to financial and work commitments. He was dropped from the team.

However after a few years in the wilderness, and the introduction of a new National Coach, the dedication and bold move to leave his hometown finally paid off for him when he won the qualification tournament for the Sydney 2000 Olympics thereby affording him the honour of representing his country in a home Olympics. This is an honour achieved by very few in this world.

He now would love to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be, from being the best in your garage to being the best in the world.

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Re: Table Tennis Secrets Revealed

Postby jow » April 7th, 2012, 6:52 pm

I wonder who would win if these guys played each other? :geek:
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