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Aussie Open – Day 5

by on Jul.05, 2012, under News

Today was the Final for the Men’s and Women’s Doubles. In the Women’s it was Korea vs Korea and in the Men’s it was Henzell/Frank vs Korea. During the match I was talking to Simon Gerada (again!) and I asked him about what it’s like to play against people like Henzell, Frank, the Korean’s etc. He was giving me the most amazing insight to a professional player I have ever heard. I asked why would Henzell do a short topspin serve. For me that would be an easy serve to return, I would just return it back anywhere. Simon said it’s not that easy. If I was to return it to Henzell’s backhand he would hit it for an easy winner as his backhand topspin is his best shot. If I was to return it long to his forehand he would topspin it back fast down the line or cross court. If I was to return it short it would need to be low as the topspin from the serve would make it spin up when I would hit it. Now I was getting it. So for the last 2 sets I put my wireless microphone on Simon and asked him to do a commentary. Video is coming soon.

After the Doubles Final I got introduced to the QLD Team Manager. I mentioned that I witnessed them walk into the viewing room area a few days ago and order two young players back out to playing area to support their other players. We got talking about how this is a “Team” event not an “I” event. The Manager was telling me how important Team work is and how the kids really don’t understand that. It’s no good walking off after a match if you win or lose. You should stay with your team and still support your other players. Losing or winning against your opponents can give your Team vital information. You know what works and what doesn’t. If you walk off that advice leaves with you.

Tomorrow is the start of the Singles Event. This year the Men’s Singles Event will be interesting as we have 3 high ranked Korean’s, William Henzell and other high ranked Aussie’s. The Women’s Singles Event will also be interesting but most people expect it to be Korea vs Korea Final, I agree. In the U21 Event David Powell will be defending his title and Heming Hu should be the player to challenge him. I will attend to film from round one to the final on Saturday. After 3 days of filming 10 hours a day I was in need of a break. I had a good sleep in and a great brunch at a café in the Gold Coast and then went bowling of all things!

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