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Aussie Open – Day 2

by on Jul.03, 2012, under News

Today was a long day. At the club at midday and left just after 10pm. With TTA’s decision to have the Teams Events playing every matche regardless of score means teams are staying longer. Example; Men’s Teams VIC and NZ started their match at 7pm and could have finished around 8:30pm but had to continue through and play every match which meant they were still there packing up when I left at 10:15pm. The VIC Men’s Team is playing NSW tomorrow morning at 9am! Which will be the most important match they will probably play. Understand? Being forced to play every matche is already having an affect of people just after day 1.

Another interesting thing happen today with the VIC Men’s Team. They (Frank, Powell, Heming, Datta and Cathcart) jumped on table 1 which is right near the grand stand to warm up. Nothing wrong. On table 2 the U21 Women’s Team match was still going with only a 1 or 2 games to go. For reasons unknown they were told to get off and move to the tables reserved for practice! This left everyone confused because the VIC Women’s Team had be practicing there before as well as 4 other teams through out the day when it wasn’t being used. But the VIC Team weren’t allowed? Things were almost about to get heated but they just smiled and walked off. I did hear a VIC Team member question the decision but was quickly told to bugger off and don’t push my buttons!!

The matches I filmed, NSW Men’s vs NZ and VIC Men’s vs NZ. Justin Han from NSW is in amazing form. His backhand is really strong now and he completely blew away NZ. One player I like to watch is Xuyen Tran. I filmed one of his matches which was just amazing. He is one of those players that gets everything back, annoying hey! I filmed all of VIC’s matches against NZ which proved a good thing. Every match was great with awesome rallies and close sets.Heming Hu had good wins as did Shibaji Datta.

Some changes have been made to the Teams I and the Korean Women’s Team found out today. The NSW Women’s B Team has been removed and changes to Women’s President Team and VIC Women’s Team. Jian Fang Lay has been replaced by Stephanie Sang. So the Korean’s came down at 3pm ready to start at 3:30pm and were told at 4pm the bad news! So they just kept practicing! Great I thought, got the camera out as no matches to film and just left it filming them. They all hit as hard as Miao Miao and as fast too.

Tomorrow will be another huge day. At the club at 9am and probably until 9pm. Matches I will be filming are Men’s Team VIC vs NSW and Women’s Team VIC vs QLD and NSW. Well it’s now 12:40am and I better head off so good nite for now. For match results click www.tabletennisqld.org

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