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Aussie Open – Day 4

by on Jul.04, 2012, under News

Today was the last day for Team’s Event. In the U21 Male Team it was VIC vs QLD. Stand out player was Ben Taylor showing great skill and composure under pressure. Unfortunately VIC went down 5-2. Even though his Team lost the Final, Simon Gerada is as proud as you can be. He said his boys have learnt a lot over the last couple of days and that going to competitions like this is actually a lot of hard work. Making sure you get enough sleep, arrive early for your matches and even eating right! The Men’s Team Final was KOR vs VIC. From the beginning this wasn’t going to be easy. Only win was from Robert Frank against Lee Jin Kwon. Stand out player was Heming Hu. Even though he didn’t win a match he showed amazing skills against players at a much higher level than himself.

During the match between Women’s Team NSW vs KOR something interesting happened, equipment failure. It wasn’t a bat or table but the hall! The floor board beneath the table’s end cracked and dropped about 4-5mm. What to do? Deputy Referee Joe Clifton scratched his head then waved down Referee Dave Delpratt for a solution. Dave looked at the broken board, looked at the table and then just pushed the table over the crack so it was about 1 foot under the table and walked off. Everyone was happy so problem solved! Joe walked off with an “I was going to do that but wasn’t quite too sure if I should” look on his face.

William Henzell has finally arrived! The Open gremlins once again have been giving William grief. He has been sick again for the last 5 days only getting better now. His morning flight was cancelled via text message when he was leaving for the airport. He was then told he had been entered into the Mixed Doubles when he didn’t want to play that event. This year William has decided only to play in the Men’s Singles and Doubles events. Reason? The London Olympics is only 23 days away and he wants to be in the best condition possible. So in walked William Henzell around 5:30pm, 7 hours late and had a quick hit with Sharad Pandit from SA. Last year William pulled out of the Open due to illness. I said he was so sick his illness had an illness to which agreed laughingly!

Tonite was the start of the Mixed Doubles and tomorrow will continue with doubles all day with the Men’s and Women’s Final at 5pm. I will only attend to film the final. I myself am in need of a rest, up at 7am to leave at 8am to start filming at 9am then leave the Open at 7pm to be home at 8pm to watch the mighty Maroons defeat the Blues for a 7th time! Queenslander!!! For match results click www.tabletennisqld.org

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