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Aussie Open – Day 6

by on Jul.07, 2012, under News

Today was the start of the Singles Event for the Men’s and Women’s U21 and the Men’s and Women’s Singles. As expected all 3 Korean Men got through with only one being pushed by Robert Frank. Australian #1 William Henzell got through with ease but still isn’t feeling well and dropped a set against HWATT Junior Ivan Sulfaro. I spoke to William briefly and he said he is just exhausted. I hope he gets a good rest tonite as tomorrow he’ll have some tough matches. In the Women’s, all 3 Korean’s got through so tomorrow will interesting. In the U21’s David Powell and Heming Hu have progressed through the first couple of rounds with Heming having to go the full 7 sets against Kane Townsend.

During the whole week I have had the opportunity to talk to most of the players and their thoughts about the Open. Most players are happy with the format but some do have concerns. Most concerns are regarding scheduling like having to start a match at 8 or 9pm then be expected to start matches the next day at 9am. Most can’t understand why. Also why did they have the Men’s Team Final start at 9am in a cold empty hall? The VIC team only left the hall the night before around 10:30pm. If you are expected to play matches late at nite you shouldn’t be expected to play the next day until 11am onwards so you get enough rest.

Throughout the week I have also had the opportunity to conduct some interviews. This is something I started about 6 months ago as an idea and it has been very successful with most players happy to be interviewed. It is actually very interesting hearing a player talk about why they started and what they have been through to get where they are today. We all know who William Henzell and Miao Miao are but do you actually know when and why they started playing Table Tennis? I started by hitting a ball against a brick wall when I was 10 and then progressed in school then onwards and here I am running my own Table Tennis website.

As this competition is only held once a year it gives the juniors a chance to meet their idols and maybe even play against them. I have seen David Powell sign a photo for an elderly gentleman and other players pose for photos. Some even had a hit when them. I believe this is very important for the future of Table Tennis; our high ranked players should be approachable and willing to take the time to appreciate that not everyone will succeed like them. I also encourage the younger players to ask the top players about the game and what they struggle with and get some professional advice. Imagine what you could learn by spending just 5 minutes with Robert Frank about returning serves short or how to improve your forehand topspin by talking to David Powell.

Tonight was a special night for me also. Spotted in the crown by Xuyen Tran was a famous Korean player by the name of Kim Taek-Soo who is now the Head Coach for Korea. I jokingly asked Nam Ho Oh if I could get a picture with him. Before I knew it he walked off and asked him to my surprised he said yes! Thanks Nam.

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